Project: A Global Language for Global Solutions
Escrito por Beatriz Iglesias García, lunes 14 de diciembre de 2015 , 17:25 hs , en ACTIVIDADES COMPLEMENTARIAS Y EXTRAESCOLARES



At the beginning of this first term, 25 students of 2nd Year of ESO from the IES Tierra de Ciudad Rodrigo participated in a Language Immersion Programme organised by the MECD ("Programa de Inmersión Lingüística Otoño 2015"). They stayed at a hostel called "Valle de Baztán", in Lekaroz, Navarra, from the 11th to the 17th of October with 2 teachers from their high school. During their stay in Navarra, they attented lots of interesting lessons related to the environment and did lots of fun and interesting activities in English. Besides, they prepared a very interesting project focused on some of the most important environmental problems worldwide and on how we could solve them.

Click on the 5 links below to watch the 5 videos of our project. We hope you like it and it makes you take actions to help us save the world ;-)


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